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RD AAOW Free development lab's Applications development policy

RD AAOW Free development lab’s Applications development policy (RD AAOW FDL ADP) rev. 15





Objects of this Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy Objects) are products (including software), materials and developments of the Laboratory.

Scope of this Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy Scope) are all communities, channels and hostings managed by the Laboratory, the Laboratory itself, as well as all Policy Objects.

This Policy (ADP), its positions, conclusion, the end-user license agreement and application order are describing general rules that Laboratory follows when developing, maintaining and using Policy Objects.

The Policy is required to be acquainted with by all participants of the Policy Scope and users before using any of the Policy Objects. By downloading them, you fully agree with this Policy and accept it!


Clauses of the Policy

Points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 (marked with a :warning: sign) are mandatory.

Points 6 and 7 (marked with a :heavy_check_mark: sign) are advisory.


1. We work on free base

:warning: There are no explicit or implied payments for Policy Objects. If some Objects use components with partially free licenses, this is reflected in the annotations of the corresponding projects.

2. We don’t use ads

:warning: The Policy Objects have no promotional elements, except for links to the Laboratory’s own projects. All links can only be called by the user and only manually and have no automatic triggers.

3. We don’t use autoupdate

:warning: None of Policy Objects will update functionality without the direct participation of the user. Non-executable content may be updated automatically if the correct functioning of the Object becomes impossible without it.

4. We don’t use hidden functionality

:warning: Policy objects have no code with undeclared purposes (uncontrolled updates, data collection, downloading of third-party content). All features of Objects are described in user guides and / or project summaries.

5. We don’t collect personal data

:warning: Policy Objects have no algorithms for collecting / accumulating / transferring of personal information. All data used by Policy Objects doesn’t leave the user device.

6. Our products are open-source

:heavy_check_mark: All code and source material, which has no special restrictions, is open to all uses, except for the depersonalization of the ideas and solutions presented in it (that is, the removal of the license text and author signatures).

7. We welcome recommendations and bug reports

:heavy_check_mark: Your comments, messages, advice and wishes allow the Laboratory to improve the solutions created and are the main way to improve them.

8. We don’t leave our users

:warning: All Policy Objects have developer support. All users can ask for help when using Policy Objects.



Clauses of the Policy derive one from another and guarantee that:


XPUN control

Since 2020, some countries have introduced restrictive laws ([description is classified]) that are incompatible with this Policy. The Laboratory sees it as its task to avoid any conflicts associated with this discrepancy. The only way to do this, available at the time of publication of this Policy revision, is to make all Policy Objects unavailable in those countries.

In this regard, FDF, the Laboratory co-founder implemented the XPUN control mechanism ([description is classified]). This algorithm is present in all actual Policy Objects. For now, it restricts the launch of corresponding apps in the following areas:


End user license agreement

Policy Objects and any updates are being delivered “as is”. Laboratory may try to, but does not and cannot warrant the performance, results, absence of crushes and / or data losses you may obtain by using them. All Policy Objects are used at your own risk, without any guarantees and compensations, explicit and implied (except described above). The Policy doesn’t provide for any liability on the part of the Laboratory.


Application order

  1. In the event that any Policy Object conflicts (even if fully compliant with it) with the FDL’s Social community policy (SCP), SCP will take precedence in handling the conflict.
  2. Acquaintance with a Policy is mandatory. Failure to become acquainted with the Policy doesn’t deprive the Laboratory administration of the right to apply it.
  3. Agreement with the Policy is not required for participation in the Policy Scope.
  4. Disagreement with the Policy is not the basis for any sanctions against a member of the Policy Scope.
  5. Publication of Policy Objects that aren’t consistent with the Policy in materials / comments / news feeds of the Policy Scope may be limited or terminated at decision of the administration.