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RD AAOW Free development lab's Social communities policy

RD AAOW Free development lab’s Social communities policy (RD AAOW FDL SCP)

Changes log

rev. 1: formalization from 12.03.20

rev. 2: refinements and corrections, pandemic alerts processing from 16.03.20

rev. 3: minor fixes from 18.03.20

rev. 4: additions and updates from 29.05.20

rev. 5: misreading and indulgences removing, content processing rules addition from 28.10.20

rev. 6: destructive criticism prohibition and author attribution permission from 4.04.21

rev. 7: adaptation for GitHub platform from 21.08.21

rev. 8: specifications for copyrights from 20.09.21

rev. 9: refinements and corrections from 05.03.22

rev. 10: empowerment, refinements and corrections from 11.04.22

rev. 11: clarifications and misspelling fixes from 16.04.23

rev. 12: Terms unification and connection with ADP from 13.07.23