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RD AAOW Free development lab's Social communities policy

RD AAOW Free development lab’s Social communities policy (RD AAOW FDL SCP) rev. 12





Scope of this Policy (hereinafter referred to as Policy Scope) are all communities, channels and hostings managed by the Laboratory, the Laboratory itself, as well as Objects of the Application development policy (ADP), that is, products (including software), materials and developments of the Laboratory.

This Policy (SCP), its clauses and conclusion describe the general rules that the Laboratory follows in its work and in the Policy Scope. It is mandatory for familiarization and execution for all members of the Policy Scope.

Note that:

  1. This Policy is protective and not restrictive. However, failure to become familiar with the Policy does not deprive the Lab administration of the right to apply it.
  2. Publication of Objects of the Application development policy that don’t comply with this Policy in materials / comments / news feeds of this Policy Scope may be limited or terminated at the discretion of the administration.


Clauses of the Policy

1. Hurt

:warning: Lab is against of hurting. No malicious activities allowed in the Policy Scope, including:

Participation in them or calls for such participation may be grounds for a permanent ban. Cases of indirect hurting may be reviewed by Lab administration separately.

2. “Sore issues”

:warning: Lab doesn’t deal with “sore issues”. The Policy Scope don’t allow discussions, activities and measures on social, political, economic and other topics, that most likely will cause counterproductive forms of activity described in clause 1 of this Policy.

Forcing such discussions and activities can be grounds for a permanent ban.

3. Advertisements

:warning: Advertisements in Lab communities are only allowed in case described in clause 2 of the Applications development policy, that is when members of the Policy Scope submit information about their own developments or when the Laboratory covers its activities and projects.

Untargeted (generic) ads elements can be grounds for a permanent ban.

4. Content

:warning: No payments and / or restrictions for content are permitted. All texts, pictures, diagrams, datasets and other information objects (including Objects of the Application development policy) must be made available by the Lab to members and must be made available by members to the Laboratory free of any copyrights and without any payments, explicit and implied.

All related rights issues should be resolved by sender before submitting of content. Non-free content must be removed from free access.

The indication of the content author is allowed. If there is no author information, the user who provided the content must be listed as the creator of the content.



Clauses of the policy derive one from another and guarantee that: